Ever wonder if your bill changers are jammed, empty or out of service? Worried that one of your washer's rubber hoses has burst during the night and is flooding out your neighbors store? Looking to get a discount on your insurance by having smoke detectors or an alarm? Worried that an unwanted visitor is breaking into your back room?

Camera systems can notify you automatically by calling your alarm company, cell phone or home phone. You have direct viewing capability from your computer and much more. It's nice to know that you're providing a first line of defense against property damage, vandalism, theft and more.
Maybe you just want to take a look at what's going on in your Laundromat and save the cost of gasoline for a drive to your site. Take your mouse in hand and with a few clicks you can be viewing your Laundromat on high resolution cameras. The system should cover your front door, changers and your customer area.

Want even more? How about the ability to talk to people in your store. When you're sitting at your computer and you observe something that needs your immediate attention you have the ability to quickly communication with your staff and customers.
Ever have someone complain that they lost their purse in your Laundromat? Many systems allow you to focus on a small area [such as a countertop] and playback only when there has been movement at that spot. Gone are the hours of searching your recorded files required on older systems.


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