1.  Retained as an expert to prepare a written appraisal on behalf of client. Attorney: Ernie Z. Park 562-698-9771, 2012

2.  Retained as an expert on behalf of Plaintiff in Patel v. Shin Cho and PWS, (Binding Arbitration) Attorney: Myles Mattenson, 2012

3.  Retained as an expert by Plaintiff in Victor Chang v. Louis Hakime, BC-406907. (Binding Arbitration), Owner: Victor Chang, 310-951-2283, 2011

4.  Retained as an expert to prepare a written appraisal on behalf of tenant in possession by Attorney Randal Sutter, 805-650-7100, 2011

5.  Retained as an expert on behalf of Defendant in Choi, et al v. Trang Thuy Nguyen, LA Superior Case BC-426448. Attorney: David Fu 626-309-9601, 2011

6.  Retained as an expert on behalf of Plaintiff in David Beguerin, et al v. PWS, et al, Case 37-2009-00100693-CU-FR-CTL. Attorney: John H. Gomez 619-237-3490, 2011

7.  Retained as an expert in Dogra v. Mkrtchyan, et al, Attorney: Joseph Fogel 888-928-6688, 2009

8.  Retained as an expert for the purpose of preparation of an appraisal of Colleyville, Texas Laundromat. Attorney: Jennifer Johanson, 2009

9.  Retained as an expert on behalf of Plaintiff in Laundromat purchase lawsuit, PWS, Defendant, Attorney: Scott DeVito, Esquire 602-274-1100, Bonnett, Fairbourn, Friedman & Balint, P.C., 2008

10.  Retained as expert regarding Arand Patel v. PWS, Inc., Trial, On behalf of Plaintiff: Arand Patel, Attorney: George Burns, 2008

11.  Retained as expert in Laundromat purchase lawsuit, County of Orange, Case #07CC08616. Phillip Choi, 714-335-5451, Launderland, 1218 East McFadden, Santa Ana, California, 2007

12.  Retained as expert, Re: 1430 Atlantic Blvd, Long Beach, CA, On behalf of Christopher Armstrong, Defendant, Attorney: Arnoldo Casillas, Esquire, 323-725-0917, Moreno, Cecurra, Guerro & Casillas, 2007

13.  PWS, Inc. v. NSC, County of Los Angeles, Umpire & Appraisals, On behalf of insurance carrier. Keith J. Turner, Esquire 213-613-1191, Carlson, Calladine & Peterson LLP, 2006

14.  DeSoto Village Shopping Center v. IGE, Inc., County of Los Angeles, LC73345, Attorney: Max Sprecher, Woodland Hills, 2006

15.  Professional Business Services v. Crusader Insurance, County of Los Angeles, BC 318362, On behalf of Plaintif: Crusader Insurance, Attorney: David K. Dorenfeld, Calabasas, 2006

16.  Contacted as an expert for Rex Bowman, Times Dispatch Writer, July 2, 2005, Leef Smith, Washington Post, June 24, 2005 Re: Death of Girl in Washing Machine Investigated, Chilhowie, Virginia, 2005

17.  Retained as Expert for an Eminent Domain, Proceeding, Bovis Lend Lease, Inc. c/o Bureau of Engineering, Richard Puczkowski, RE: City of Los Angeles Fire Department, 2005

18.  Bekhor vs. Deutsch Lincoln SDL, Beverly Hills Courthouse, SC085386 Trial, On behalf of Plaintiff: Bekhor, Attorney: David Cohen, Los Angeles, 2005

19.  Cervantes, Amelia v. Speed Queen, County of Los Angeles (child locked in washing machine), On behalf of Plaintiff: Cervantes, Attorney: Arnoldo Casillas, Montebello, 2005

20.  Western Finance & Lease v. My Three Sons Maytag Laundry, Tampa, Florida, On behalf of Plaintiff: Western Finance, Kyle Nelson, President, 2004

21.  Rufugio Ortiz v. Coinmach Corp, County of Los Angeles, On behalf of Plaintiff: Rufgio Ortiz, Attorney: Mario M. Mananno, Los Angeles, 2002

22.  Retained as Expert for a Coin Laundry valuation, Attorney: Peter Mittenthal, Los Angeles, 2002

23.  Retained as expert on behalf of Defendant, Linda Lipper, Charles Streit v. Linda Lipper, County of Orange, 01CC05386 (Binding Arbitration) Attorney: Thomas Quinn, Laguna Beach, 2002

24.  U.S. Bankruptcy Court, San Diego, Re: Joseph Poitras, Adversary Proceeding Number 00-90607-PBAD, Trial, Retained as expert on behalf of: Joseph Poitras, Attorney: Stanley D. Prowse, Carlsbad, 2001

25.  PWS, Inc. v. W. Jacob & Sons, Inc., County of Los Angeles, (Arbitration), On behalf of Plaintiff: Jacob, Attorney: Ronald Rubenstein, Richmond, 1999
26.  Vidal Hernandez v. Robert L. Baker, County of Los Angeles, On behalf of Plantiff: Vidal Hernandez, Attorney: Jeffrey Hernandez, Pasadena, 1997

27.  Retained as expert for a Coin Laundry appraisal and valuation, Attorney: Mort Hershman, San Diego, 1994

28.  Felipe Espanto v. MPE, County of Los Angeles, Case BC 056626, Retained as an expert on behalf of Plaintiff: Felipe Espanto, Attorney: Lawrence Adelman, Woodland Hills, 1993

29.  Pekera v. Foley, County of San Diego, Case X608227, On behalf of Defendant: David & Parthena Foley, Attorney: Stephen Lipkin, San Diego, 1992

30.  Retained as expert, Paul J. Orfalea (Kinko's), Attorney: David Douds, Ventura, 1992

31.  Robert Daily v. J.J. & M.K. Associates, County of Orange, Case X608227, Trial, On behalf of Defendants: Gary Corley, Reliable Sales, Attorney: Melvin H. Malot, Beverly Hills, 1990

32.  Addis v. Stroecker, County of San Diego, Case 532990, On behalf of Plaintiff: Stroeker, Attorney: Jennifer Hasso-Najm, San Diego, 1987

(This represents some examples of the lawsuits, arbitrations, paid appraisals, attorney
consultations and expert designations of Larry Larsen in Laundromat related matters.)


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