If you currently purchase any vending sized soap product from a supplier not licensed or authorized to be a 6015 vendor, you are required to pay sales tax on any soap sold in the operation of your business and file paperwork on the boxes you sold; you might think you're saving a few dollars by taking the tax revenue from the State of California but those of you who are using their friends resale cards (or their own) are bringing a government taxing authority into their business and yours making you subject to audit and perhaps a large penalty.

If you think you won't be caught, think again. More customers are reporting Board of Equalization audits and penalties. When these "bootleg" soap sources are audited, they're turning over your names and purchase records. The Board may take it's time, but it is dedicated to the job of collecting tax.
On the bright side, the Board allows you to pay your tax through a 6015 wholesaler. Your vending machine should state: “Vended Price Includes Sales Tax.”

Finally, the best reason not to have a resale permit is permit holders may be subject to sales tax on some of their vending equipment when sold. Seems to be an odd quirk in the tax code, but no permit equals no tax upon sale; verify this with your escrow agent.

We use UPS as our shipper and their fees depend on destination. Call for pricing.

We accept Visa and Mastercard, but our prices are based on "cash only" pricing. If you use a credit card you will not receive the discount and pay 5% of the invoice price.

Yes.  Fairly large increase by P&G in September of 2016. Our prices reflect our continued attempt to bring you the best products at the lowest costs. Proctor and Gamble makes the top of the line Laundromat vending products.  Tide outsells other brands by three or four to one.  We will continue our tradition of bringing you the lowest prices available on the most popular vended products.

Everything in the world seems to be increasing in price but those owners who have increased their prices on soap report no decline in volume. Remember that the sale of soap should not be seen as a profit center as much as a convenience item for your customers.


Proctor and Gamble is the leading supplier of vended soap product for the Laundry industry. Just like a pretty
girl is noticed by those around her, yourcustomers notice what brand of soap you're selling. If you saw the girl on the left in your store you'd never guess that she couldn't get a date for the prom. Sad. Sad. Sad.
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