The key to making money in this business is often tied to getting a first look at Laundromats that are going on the market. Using a letter like this one and distributing to all the Laundromats within ten miles of where you are going to live or work is helpful in getting that first look. When you use me as your agent, you give notification to the seller that you're only interested in a fair deal at a fair price and you are also being protected and guided by an experienced hand

I've tried dozens of letters and methods to get a first look at potential sellers and none works better than this letter. You can avoid the odd-hour telephone calls, "owners looking for a mark," and contacts from agents who either own these stores are who are friends of the owner.

Copy the letter on bright colored paper and place one under every door in the Laundromat The owner may only access one of the doors as his own and the cleaning crew will normally throw away anything put on the floor. Put them out every thirty days to the same locations. The owner who may not want to sell now might change his mind in a month and he'll might not have saved a copy of this letter. Good luck and let me know if you want me to help you on this search.

Dear Laundromat Owner:

I am looking for a good Landromat for sale in this area. If you have your store currently listed for sale, please have your broker email your income and expense set-up sheet to Larry Larsen Laundromat Broker at: or call him at 714-390-9969 .

If your store is not listed and you might consider selling it for cash, please contact Larry to discuss the value, price and potential sale of your store.



Potential Buyer

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