Larry Larsen has over forty-five years of experience in the ownership,
management, operation and construction of Laundromats, a
licensed California real estate broker, active in Laundromat sales
and a licensed insurance agent specializing in the sale of Laundro-
mat insurance. To assist those investors interested in owning a
Laundromat but who live in an area not considered to be a good
laundry neighborhood, or who just don't have the time to spend on
the day to day operations of a Laundromat, Larry has trained and
made available for you the services of several honest, educated
and experienced operators who can operate and manage your store.
If you have a need for the tax benefits, but not the time, you can pay
to have these people operate your Laundromat investment. A fair and
affordable fee is charged by the management team and an incentive
is built into the contract based on the profits of your operation. As you
see your profits go up, so do those of your managing operators. It's a
fair arrangement for everyone involved. However, some established
owners or investors might prefer to arrange for a straight monthly fee
for the management and not tie the success of their Laundromat to an
incentive program or sliding scale of increased income. This type of service is also available. Now you don't have to wait until retirement to receive the benefits and growth potential of Laundromat ownership. Make a Laundromat or two part of your investment portfolio; it's a great business opportunity. The tax benefits are even more pronounced when you take advantage of the benefits afforded to an LLC. One aspect of a Limited Liability Company is that the
proportion of initial investment does not have to be the same as how the
income, losses and tax deductions are divided. This gives you, as an
investor, the opportunity to take 100% of the tax write-offs even if you
share ownership with a management operator or other partner. An LLC
will may also limit any potential personal liability issues.

If you have an existing store, our management team can take over your
operation. If you're new to the Laundromat investment arena, Larry
Larsen Laundromat Broker can assist in finding you a store and
arrange the management services so you never have to be concerned
with the operations. With the installation of a high-end camera system
in your Laundromat (available from many sources) you can sit in your
office or home and watch your investment grow. For more details on
this service, contact Larry Larsen at the "Email Us" link or telephone
Larry Larsen at his cellphone (714) 390-9969.


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