In recent years the subject of ozone being injected into your Laundromat water has been a frequent topic in Laundromat owner discussions. Ozone is used in hospitals, nursing homes, sports facilities and public detention facilities to kill virius, sars and other pathogens.  Some owners argue that science supports ozone generator installation in Laundromats while others scoff at its benefit to a Laundromat owner. One supplier of the units for Laundromats was Hamiliton Engineering, who coupled an ozone generation unit with a water heating system. They have since withdrawn from selling ozone generators because of problems encountered. An ozone system can be expensive to intall and does have limitations. The ozone must be generated and then delivered close to the washer being used. Heat destroys ozone, so hot water wash has no additional benefit by installing ozone and may have limited use in a self-serve laundry facility. The full benefit is only available if the customer chooses to wash in cold water (yes, the rinses are cold, but the heavy agitation cycle produces no benefit of ozone when using heated water.) There are reports that ozone systems can damage gaskets, rubber, copper and other washing machine components. At this point, no recommendation to purchase units for Laundromats is advocated by this author. An expensive tool with limited customer appeal is the current opinion; better left to commercial users. Below are comments  provided by PG&E on ozone.


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