If you need extended help in analyzing a potential Laundromat purchase, advice on getting into the business, help in building a new store, due diligence assistance, appraisal, expert professional help or expert witness services you or your attorney. Please call Larry Larsen at 714-390-9969 and discuss your needs. My email address is Laundromat123@gmail.com and ask for my one page agreement fo retaining my due diligence services or click the button below.


I'm happy to provide a free "first telephone call" to discuss your needs and answer your questions about the Laundromat business. If you'd like to retain me for further in-depth discussion, store analysis and due diligence help, I have available an option of retaining me for a one year period where I will be your personal consultant and advisor with unlimited telephone advice. A review of your paperwork and lease is also included with the provision where I analyze one Laundromat location at a time. It does not include two, three or ten locations sent to me a request I pick the best one. This requires three to four hours for me to review the paperwork on each location and is often requested by people who have not even visited the locations. I provide this reduced fee service after the potential Buyer has identified a potential purchase location. However, if this location turns out after analysis to be a poor business opportunity, additional locations can be submitted for a period of one year or until searches are completed. This due diligence help is provided for a set fee of $800.00 which includes education and analysis of submitted sites for a period of one year.

For this minimal cost, it is surprising that a few Buyers and investors elect to rely on sale Agents, dual Agents, buying directly from owners and their own minimal research as adequate to make a large investment. At least 25% discover later that knowledge can only be obtained by experience and few, if any, Agents actually represent the interests of the Buyers they claim to represent. I've owned or operated over fifty Laundromats, never more than eleven at a time, in my forty years in the business. I've also developed and built over one hundred and thirty Laundromats. I provide impartial investment advice for a reasonable fee.

Expert witness services provided for those involved in a lawsuit or an attorney seeking an expert for their client are available at a minimum $5,000.00 non-refundable retainer, billed at $400.00 per hour. I have been of service to both plaintiffs, defendants, individuals and insurance carriers.

Store design, review of plans, appraisals or ongoing advice and information are quoted at reasonable rates reflecting the time required to perform the service needed.


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