Want to save the time of a search on the internet for videos on Laundromats? Have you noticed you keep getting videos about the musical group Laundromat or a movie made in a Laundromat? Try the following list of selected videos first. Be prepared to adjust your computer's sound level because the audio on some of these videos are too soft and some a bit loud. If you know of any additional videos that should be on this list, just email the site to


1. Why 350-G and 90-G Force washers produce much lower natural gas use.
2. Why “Soft Mount” 350-G Force Super High Spin washers are cheaper to install.
3. You can increase your Laundromat capacity using Super High Spin washers.
4. Laundry customers love the fact that Super High Spin washers save them time.
5. Texas Laundromat with Super High Spin Washers proves to be a success.

The Savannah Soap Company uses Super High Spin 350-G.
7. Installing a Super High Spin washer on the second floor of a building.
8.  Pasadena Super High Spin washer Laundromat also addresses “green” concerns.


1. California owner builds a chain of Laundromats.
2. Grand Opening mistakes and the use of demographics are discussed.
3. 16,000 Square Foot Laundry in Texas is probably the largest Texas Laundromat.

4. Eleven year old Texas Laundromat shows the durability of Laundromats.
5. Methods on how to operate a successful Laundromat are revealed.
6. Opinions on investing in Laundromats are discussed by IPSO representative.
7. New owner information and insights and provided.
8. Interview with a new Laundromat owner comes from distributor Ed Brown.
9. The Ipso representative speaks out on what makes a good Laundromat location.


1. ADC 50-LB stack dryers in operation. They feature capacity and big dryer doors.
2. Solar Water Heating in Laundromat. Eco Biz tells about solar water heating.
3. Solar Water Heating in Laundromat Sun Heat Solar insight on solar use.
4. WashCard Credit Card System Ryan Carlson on credit card readers.
5. Things to consider when insuring your Laundromat.

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